March 17, 2021
Curing Cancer – How you can help
Last revised 16 June 2021
Our strategic plan is to reduce US cancer deaths from the current 600,000 per year to
100,000 per year by 2030. It has been 50 years since the war on cancer was announced by
President Nixon – it’s time we start to implement an overall strategy, imperfect as it may be,
and improve it over time. Of course, some national organization should be leading this effort,
but they are not. So let’s do the best we can on our own and save as many lives as we can.
How can you help?
1. Follow our Curing Cancer Blog at https://natpernickshealthblog.wordpress.com/ .
2. Sign up for our Curing Cancer Network monthly newsletter by clicking at
https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/onz6IND . You can also Text
CURINGCANCERNET (with no spaces) to 22828 to sign up.
3. Become an example to others of anti-cancer behavior. Read our American Code
against Cancer at http://www.natpernick.com/AmericanCodeAgainstCancer.html,
decide what steps you can take to reduce your cancer risk and spread the word
through your social networks.
4. Tell any medical researchers you know about our current grants at
5. Contact me at Nat@PathologyOutlines.com with your suggestions or thoughts on
how you can help.